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Propane Safety

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Propane Safety

image of blue flamePropane Gas (LPG) is a very safe and versatile fuel. But, as with any energy source, there are steps you should take to further insure your safety:
If you detect a propane gas leak, immediately evacuate everyone from the house and then call the local Fire Department (911) from your cell phone or a neighbor's telephone. After doing that safely, then notify White Mountain Oil & Propane 24 hours a day,  at 1-800-600-4728. Do not attempt to repair the leak yourself.


Detailed safety information, including interactive safety tutorials, can be found on our Safety Page. Additional information on general propane safety can be found at www.usepropane.com


In any case you should familiarize yourself and your family with what propane smells like. Please contact us at 603-356-6386 and ask us to send you a "Scratch and Sniff" pamphlet to help recognize propane's distinctive odor. Learn where your gas lines are located, so you won't damage them when digging in the yard.

dig safe logoAlert!  Always contact Dig Safe System, Inc. by dialing 811 or at www.digsafe.com in order to have utilities accurately marked before digging or excavating.What is Dig Safe? State laws require anyone who digs to notify utility companies before starting, and for good reason. Digging can be dangerous and costly without knowing where underground facilities are located. Note that only those participating in the program may be asked to mark lines. It is not a gaurantee that all underground lines have been marked and private facilities may not be notified. 


Dig Safe System, Inc. is a communication network, assisting excavators, contractors and property owners in complying with state law by notifying the appropriate utilities before digging. Dig Safe, a free service, notifies member companies of proposed excavation projects. In turn, these member utilities respond to the work area and identify the location of their underground facilities. Callers are given a permit number as confirmation.

In New Hampshire as well as Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island, state law requires advance notice of at least three business days (72 working hours).

For more safety, see our Safety Page