From service to payment and senior discount plans, White Mountain Oil and Propane is here to serve and service your oil and propane needs.

Always There for You… is more than a tag line for us, it’s how we have viewed the commitment to our customers for over 80 years. We invite new customers to download our customer application to begin the process of establishing a new account (new customers will receive a free Gas Check of their propane system when their account is established). Information about our latest payment plans and other services can be found below. Please contact us for more information or to get started on a plan.

Payment & Pricing Plans

White Mountain Oil & Propane offers several convenient payment and pricing plans options to serve your home heating needs. Payment and pricing plans can be combined.

Payment Plans

  • E-Pay: If you provide White Mountain Oil & Propane with a debit/credit card authorization, you can take instant advantage of our 10-cent per gallon discount (not applicable to budget and fixed price plans).
  • Open Credit: With approved credit, White Mountain Oil & Propane delivers fuel and sends an invoice from which you have 30 days to pay. If you pay within 10-days, (and you do not have an outstanding balance) you may take advantage of our 10-cent per gallon discount.
  • Easy Payment Budget Plan: The Easy Payment Budget Plan provides for level monthly payments on your energy cost based on our best estimates for the coming year. As a Budget customer you also receive interest dividends on payments ahead of purchases, freedom from finance charges, and a senior citizen’s discount (when applicable).

Pricing Plans

  • Price Cap Insurance Program: Customers may purchase a “price cap” protection option by joining this plan. This program will provide peace of mind throughout the winter by offering a price ceiling while, at the same time, allowing you to benefit from lower prices when they occur. There is an annual fee for this program, and capped pricing is in effect from October 1st to April 30th. Traditionally, this program is not offered after September 1st of each year.
  • Fixed Price Program: Purchases for a specific amount of propane, fuel oil or kerosene annually to be delivered at the agreed-upon price. Your fixed-price program renews annually. There are no additional interest dividends or discounts on a fixed-price program. Traditionally, this program is not offered to new customers after September 1st of each year.
  • Pre-Buy Program: The Pre-buy program means you pay in full at the time you sign your contract for a specific number of gallons. Those gallons will be available from the date you sign the annual contract until April 30th of each year. Once you have used your pre-buy gallons, the price per gallon reverts to “current price.” Any undelivered gallons can be credited to your account or refunded after April 30th annually. There are no additional discounts on the pre-buy program and traditionally this program is not offered to new customers after August 1st of each year.
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