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Other Fuels We Deliver

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Other Fuels We Deliver

White Mountain Oil & Propane also delivers:


  • K-1 KEROSENE. Kerosene is used primarily in "Monitor-style" heaters  such as Toyotomi and Laser brands and in mobile home furnaces as well as construction heaters. Kerosene may be used by any oil-burning piece of equipment but is especially required by certain types of heating equipment. K-1 kerosene (the type used in northern New England) is simply a more-refined level of heating oil. K-1 kerosene will not congeal during extremely cold temperatures and is often used in outdoor tanks. White Mountain Oil & Propane has been in the kerosene business since 1941.

  • DIESEL. White Mountain Oil & Propane delivers premium blended Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel to farms and businesses within our service area. We also maintain an automatic 24-hour keyed diesel dispensing station in Conway NH for the use of our commercial and private customers. (For more information on this retail diesel service, please contact us at 1-800-600-9031 ex#118.)


  • "OFF-ROAD" DIESEL. Off-road diesel is the same quality as our regular blended Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, except it is free from State and Federal road tax. Off-road is restricted for use in non-mobile pieces of equipment (generators, industrial machinery, etc.) or strict off-road use (such as logging equipment) and is delivered by us year-round.


  • GASOLINE. White Mountain Oil & Propane delivers both 87 Octane and 93 Octane gasoline products to residential and commercial accounts who have appropriate storage tanks for these products within our service area.


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