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Budget Plan FAQ's

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Budget Plan FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Budget Plan:


1. Is the budget price per gallon the actual price I will pay for all fuel deliveries?

No. The price per gallon that your monthly budget payment is computed on is a planning estimate only. When a delivery is actually made to your home or business, your account will be charged the actual market price that day.


2. What happens at the end of May if I have extra money in my account, do I lose it?

No! Any remaining credit balances can either be applied to your new (next) budget or it can be refunded to you directly upon request.


3. What happens at the end of May if I owe money?

We ask that all remaining balances as of May 31st be paid in full by the end of June of each year.


4. What happens if I miss a budget payment?

It's extremely important that all budget accounts be kept current. The high cost of fuel has forced this to become a necessity for both the consumer and White Mountain Oil & Propane, Inc. Any budget account that falls two (2) or more payments in arrears will be placed on "Budget Hold" and no further deliveries will be made until the account is made current.


5. Is my service contract and other labor, parts, etc. covered in my budget payment?

No, only fuel and Price Cap insurance can be budgeted.


6. Can I pay for my budget payments electronically?

Yes, our E-pay program makes paying your monthly budget payment easy. We can automatically charge your budget payment to a debit or credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover only) on the 10th of every month or you can always pay at your leisure online at www.whitemountainoil.com


7.  What happens if I sell my home or move away in the middle of the budget year?

Any credit balances at the time the account is closed can be refunded to the customer directly upon their request. Any outstanding balances due must be paid in full.


8. If I decide to "opt-out" of the Price Cap Insurance, will my budget change?

We would be happy to reduce your budgeted price per gallon by the amount of the Price Cap insurance upon request.