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Air Conditioners

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Air Conditioners

It’s all about comfort……


Remember when everyone heated with wood and lived in houses that the wind blew through the walls? We have progressed to a society that want more than that; we want comfort. We need to do more than just heat a house; we need to cool it off and control humidly along with efficiently controlling the temperature in the house. 

White Mountain Oil & Propane has been at the forefront of these new technologies and comfort/efficiency is what we can provide our customers.
Air conditioning has always been related to keeping cool. Now it is all encompassing to include heating, cooling, humidity control, fresh air, air filtration and remote monitoring. Our technicians are trained to perform all of these tasks and our sales department is ready to meet with customers to advise them on the best way to achieve total comfort.

Whether it be a mini-split heat pump, a central air conditioning system, heat pump water heaters, or simple heating alternatives, please give us a call at 1-800-600-4728


We also provide sales and service for Daikin mini-split air-conditioner units which take up less room inside your home, employs the new refrigerant R32 and provides efficient airflow in a stylish shape that also humidifies and dehumidifies without the need of a water tank.


 thru the wall Daikin air conditioner in a living room scene