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Grilling and Generator Safety

Grilling and Generator Safety photo

Grilling and Generator Safety

Grills are wonderful appliances that allow us to cook our food in a more healthful manner and in certain situations, can even be used year-round. Here is some more information from the State of New Hamsphire for those living in Condos or multi-family dwellings such as apartments.

home generatorGenerators can be extremely helpful during a power outage but they also need care and servicing throughout the year so that they work properly when you actually need them. The NH State Fire Marshals office has developed an informational document to provide homeowners and other residents in New Hampshire with valuable information about generator safety during periods of power outages.


Accidental fires from improper refueling methods, improper wiring methods, and carbon monoxide poisoning from exhaust can cause severe injuries or death. In addition, linemen attempting to restore power to the area can be killed or injured if the generator is not installed properly.


Click here to view a video from the Fire Marshals office, regarding generator safetyor read a bulletin about portable generator safety or stand-by/hardwired generator safety. 


White Mountain Oil & Propane does not sell or service generators but we can help get you set up with a stand-by home generator for those times when the power goes out. We have partnered with the Frase Electric for sales and service of propane standby generators. White Mountain Oil is able to take care of the gas piping and tank setting necessary for the installation. 


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