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Fuel Safety

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Fuel Safety

Oil heat has a proven safety record. It takes an advanced, high-tech, specifically designed oil burner to ignite oil. (If you drop a lit match into heating oil, it will go out as if dropped into water.) Oil heat has been providing safe, comfortable heating and water-heating to consumers for generations. For more information on oil heat safety please visit www.oilheatamerica.com


Fuel Oil Storage Tanks


White Mountain Oil and Propane will inspect all new-customer oil tanks prior to making a delivery. Our employees will complete an oil tank inspection on each new customer and on any new oil tank installed to make sure that it is safe to put oil into it. It is important to periodically check the tank yourself for leaks or defects that could lead to a leak. Fuel oil can contaminate water and soil as well as damage property and impact indoor air quality.

Why should you or White Mountain Oil & Propane be concerned about your Fuel Tank and the condition it is in? Please see this handy brochure put out by the State of New Hampshire for information on the safety of your oil tank.

If fuel oil is leaking from your storage tank or piping, contact White Mountain Oil & Propane, a qualified oil technician, or your local fire department immediately. If possible, make an attempt to control the leak and keep it from spreading or from entering any floor drains or sump pump areas.


Fuel Burning Appliances


White Mountain Oil & Propane, as well as manufacturers, recommends having your oil burning appliance maintained annually. Regular maintenance is a good investment as repairs are sometimes necessary and can add up. We offer several different service plans for maintaining your fuel burning appliance.

For more safety information, see our safety page

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